PprMkr Tracker

Keeps track of visitors.

( Updated install.txt, opencart.sql )

Can show block left or right with number of visitors e.d.

In admin a report with:

* IP, country and host
* Time online
* Viewed categories and product
* Cart contents ( if any )
* Referer
* Landingpage
* Clean results bij mouseclick

This is a testcase, please report in forum if you encounter problems.
Together we can make a nice module of this.

In Tracker2 Tomtom's codes are added and product's viewed and cartcontent images now link to product edit page. On module install the database tables are created. On module uninstall the database tables are deleted.

Currently testing new version on http://demo.pprmkr.nl/oc
Log in at admin with admin, admin to view the new module!

PprMkr Tracker 3 released. For OC 1.5.1 and later.

Update: Added button: Delete inactive countries
All countries disabled in Localisation - Countries are deleted from Report.

Update: Added tracking Information pages

Update: Show visitors country flags in module box

Update: Set value for Delete entries older than xx days. On each visit the entries older than xx days will be deleted.

Update: show countries in report, visitors name shown and clickable, fixed breadcrumb

Overhaul: Tracker_OC_V2 For version and No need to edit index files manualy. All tables and modifications done by installer !

Updated: Fixed display cartcontents in Report and some minor fixes.

Updated: fixed product and information links in report.

Update version 2.0.1.* : Error getting cartcontents

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19 Aug 2016

29 Jan 2011
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